Travel Love/Hate

Currently I am not traveling. I am living my everyday life doing day-to-day things: work, laundry, grocery, email, feed the dog, run kids to activities, visit family. As I reflect on my latest blogs, which are about a trip now many months in the past, I am pondering how to transition back to blogging about... Continue Reading →

Five Tips for Overseas Travel with Teens

Tips on traveling with teens #teens #teenagers #travel

Wrong Addresses, Sparkling Lights, and Rats: Paris Part 1

Paris! Oh la la! (Pronounced "oh," not "ooooh.") Our final three days of the Family trip to Spain and France concludes in Paris. There are so many iconic sights that I saved this city for last. The grand finale, if you will. We visit the Arc de Triomphe, our first sight. I lead my family... Continue Reading →

The Bear and the Strawberry Tree: Madrid Part 2

Finding what we seek in #Madrid. #Spain #summer #travel #quecalor #verano

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