Five Tips for Overseas Travel with Teens

Tips on traveling with teens #teens #teenagers #travel

What is Your Emergency? A Night at the Theatre

"Hi! This is Dorothy! We are happy you've joined us for this performance of The Wiz here at the historic Ford Theatre. We are about to begin our performance. Please silence your cell phones." The yellow brick road wanderer's voice blows through the intimate theatre's audience. Shuffle, shuffle, zip, whisper, mutter, squeak. The hushed sounds... Continue Reading →


This past weekend I (and two other brave souls) had the pleasure of taking a group of middle school girls camping. Fortunately, the weather cooperated and we had warm sunshine, beautiful skies, cozy campfires, and unfulfilled threats of heavy rain. Usually, when we camp from Friday through Sunday, we have many activities planned. However, as... Continue Reading →

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