Flashlights, Storm Prep, Slumber

BEEP. BEEEEEEP. BEEP. BEEP. Everyone's phones buzzed as the weather alert interrupted our dinner on the screened porch. "'Alert, Derecho threat increasing rapidly,'" my husband read on his phone screen after silencing the sound. He looked up. "Derecho? That is not good." This was more serious than I thought. I had heard we'd be getting... Continue Reading →

Way Back in 1999

Since when did 1999 become "way back when?" #WayBackWhen #1999 #GettingOld #StillFeelYoung

Naked on May Day

May Day at my college wasn’t a regular day. It was a special celebration. #MayDay #WelcomeSpring #Tradition

What is Your Emergency? A Night at the Theatre

"Hi! This is Dorothy! We are happy you've joined us for this performance of The Wiz here at the historic Ford Theatre. We are about to begin our performance. Please silence your cell phones." The yellow brick road wanderer's voice blows through the intimate theatre's audience. Shuffle, shuffle, zip, whisper, mutter, squeak. The hushed sounds... Continue Reading →

Writing Ruining Reading?

Nowadays I'm reading seemingly more than ever. Not just for my book club. For fun. But I'm also writing my own book.

Book Review: History Is All You Left Me

Review in a nutshell for Adam Silvera's History Is All You Left Me. #BookReview #AmReading #Books #Tissues

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