Secret Entrances and the Eiffel Tower Apartment: Paris Part 2

Secret Entrances and the Eiffel Tower Apartment: Paris Part 2 #Paris #Louvre #Travel #Family #JadoreParis

Day Trip to Normandy

Because Americans (like my husband) don't blink at a 3.5 hour drive both ways in one day, we decide to "zip" up to Normandy from Paris. We get into our rental car and cruise to the Northwest coast to recall the final days of World War II. My sister-in-law recommended the audio book The Longest... Continue Reading →


“The tickets are booked!” My hubs shouted. We high-fived over the laptop. We had finally booked our airline tickets to France and Spain for this summer’s big family trip. We had been poring over travel dates, video chatting, WhatsApp-ing, and emailing with friends in Spain and France, double-checking dates, and verifying airplane fares. A large... Continue Reading →

Feeling Ignorant in a Museum: National Museum of the American Indian

This past week I participated in a field trip with a group of 6th graders to the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC. Our school group only had a one-hour tour with a guide, which means we saw about three displays. However it was enough, between the tour guide and the information on the... Continue Reading →

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