Fabulous Fabrics

My current fabrics for mask-making! I usually use the patterned fabric for the front and a plain color for the back or “inside.” Feel free to request a pattern pictured for the inside, if you want. Colors you can choose but not pictured: black, navy, white. New! Lighter and darker blues behind the snowflakes. (Color... Continue Reading →

Masked Up

Polka dots, very popular We are six months into the pandemic. Covid and Coronavirus, social distancing, "masking up" and so many other words and phrases have become part of our vernacular. A lil pile o’ masks In March, just a few days into things shutting down, I posted about sewing a few masks for my... Continue Reading →

Sewing Medical Masks– COVID-19: Preparation

My own mini sweat shop Today I spent a few solid hours at the sewing machine, sewing masks for my neighbor's pediatric practice. You know we are in dire straits when doctors and medical staff are asking the people to sew medical masks. It feels like old-fashioned wartime (not so much modern wartime). Anyway, my... Continue Reading →

What Are You Up To? COVID-19: Early Stages

The above message brought to you by Panic! at the Disco Hola darlings! It has been a minute. I live on the East Coast, near Washington DC, where we are in the throes of COVID-19. My family is all well and we are staying home, practicing social distancing. All of this since Friday and today... Continue Reading →

Embrace the Sparkle

Where is the sparkle in being a grown-up? Is it among the daily grind? The commute in the car or the train? Is it found in diaper changes, middle of the night soothing, all the no's and the you'll-understand-someday's? The walking the dog in the driving rain? No. None of these. The sparkle is in... Continue Reading →

Why Learning Another Language Matters for My Career

Greetings! I am re-blogging this ISA student blog about learning another language matters in a career. I agree wholeheartedly that spending time studying or working or living abroad expands our minds in ways we don’t anticipate for the rest of our lives. Enjoy!

The ISA Journal

Katie Zerkle is a student at Grand Valley State University and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is studying abroad with ISA in Málaga, Spain

It is my first day at my internship in the Urgency Department in a hospital in Málaga. I’m surrounded by people coming in on stretchers, doctors speaking rapidly, and nurses administering medications. A rush overcomes me as I’m witnessing  firsthand cases of patients that I have learned about in class—but I still felt at a disadvantage because of the language barrier.

I have been studying Spanish since I was a child and have worked in clinical settings with primarily Spanish speaking populations before, but I feel frozen and almost forgetful of any Spanish I have learned.

It takes me about two hours into my first shift to feel comfortable enough to ask questions. I have never met a more welcoming group of doctors- one…

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