Cooking is Fun if People Eat

In my house dwell some very picky eaters. I'm not going to name names, but I will say the writer of this article is not one of them. My sister-in-law insisted I take advantage of her Hello Fresh meal delivery service link which would get me two free meals, so I did. There is a... Continue Reading →

Human Survival, Primitive Technologies, The Great Human Race

Recently on my way to the library, I was delighted and fascinated to hear my Alma Mater Washington CollegeĀ mentioned during NPR's radio show Here and Now. It's a small school, so I always stop in my tracks (but not always literally) when I hear the town or the college mentioned. On this day, the radio... Continue Reading →

Super Bowl Day: Chocolate Bomb

Today is the Super Bowl, and my husband's team (well, he is a fan of two teams andĀ one of them is the Patriots) is playing. He looks at this day like a "free for all" food-wise and buys special snacks that we normally do not have in the house. I think much of it is... Continue Reading →

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