Book Review: Join My Journal

Here is my mini book review of Join My Journal by Rebecca M. Zajac in the form of a list of five questions. As I’m reviewing a journal, this review is brief. However, because it has its own creative elements, and I believe in the power of writing and journaling to help us through times such as our current pandemic, I wanted to recommend it!

I highly recommend this journal, because I feel strongly we can find a great outlet in writing. Maybe you just want to get your feelings out, or maybe you want to spend a few minutes coloring or doodling. These are valuable ways to spend a few minutes or hours… a welcome break from electronic stimulation!

In a journal, you can write for yourself. It’s OK to make mistakes or to say something “wrong” because the journal is only for you. Writing with a pen or pencil doesn’t feel the same–and it is a different act for your brain–than keeping a computer journal. Take the time to use your hands and create.

Lisa’s Nutshell Book Review

What did I like/dislike about this book?

This journal is a great starter journal for anyone who hasn’t had experience journaling before. Or if you have already journaled before, this is an excellent way to change it up and add structure to your writing, as an experiment.

What intrigued me specifically about this book?

I truly love the art and the creative ideas. There are a lot of sketches of nature and people. I also love the cursive script throughout.

What was one specific passage that struck me?

I love the “We are all made of star stuff” quote by Voltaire.

Would I recommend this book?

Absolutely! I’d say the age could exceed 12. This journal is the perfect gift.

Do I own this book?

Yes! I own one, and my daughter owns one, and we have already given it as a gift!

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