Fabulous Fabrics

My current fabrics for mask-making! I usually use the patterned fabric for the front and a plain color for the back or “inside.” Feel free to request a pattern pictured for the inside, if you want. Colors you can choose but not pictured: black, navy, white.

Lighter and darker blues behind the snowflakes. (Color hard to capture)

Mask Pricing:
$13 for 1
$20 for 2
$25 for 3
$30 for 4
$40 for 5
$60 for 10

Also let me know sizing—generally the sizing is small, medium and large (kids, women, and men, respectively). If you want something sized specifically, let me know that and I can try to accommodate your sizing. There is a lot of flexibility with fit since the elastic is adjustable.

Care of the masks

  • Wash the mask before wearing for the first time, and then as often as possible or after wearing for an extended amount of time
  • Adjust to customize the fit to your face. Depending on the kind of mask you have, if you have a knot, you can untie and retie the knot to resize the elastic. If you have a rubber adjuster, adjust accordingly. If the rubber piece comes off you can rethread it with a bobby pin
  • Wash by hand or in the washing machine with other laundry
  • Line dry recommended, though you can also put them in the dryer (though the elastic wears out faster from the dryer) 
  • Someday, should your elastic fail, remove the old elastic and replace it by threading a new piece of elastic through each channel on the sides of the mask. Tie the elastic. If you have a rubber piece, before tying a knot, thread it on with a bobby pin or push it through with something sharp and then tie the knot
  • Masks are two layers of 100% cotton
  • The elastic in these masks is 12 inches long
  • Before the sewing process, the fabric went though a wash and dryer cycle, so there will be no shrinking 

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