Masked Up

Polka dots, very popular

We are six months into the pandemic. Covid and Coronavirus, social distancing, “masking up” and so many other words and phrases have become part of our vernacular.

A lil pile o’ masks

In March, just a few days into things shutting down, I posted about sewing a few masks for my neighbor’s pediatric office. Six months in and hundreds of masks later, my mask-making has become a daily activity. After using many yards of donated fabric and my existing sewing supplies, I finally had to purchase more thread and fabric. I’ve sewed and mailed masks to family and friends all over the world, literally. Every few weeks I search for the latest and greatest mask styles, to see how my masks should evolve.

Sometimes I sew on the porch

We have learned that masks are the key to getting this virus under control, so I shall continue to sew! And I hope that if you’re reading this, you’re wearing a mask, too. Wishing you continued health and the stamina to keep up with the latest safety recommendations.

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