Sewing Medical Masks– COVID-19: Preparation

My own mini sweat shop

Today I spent a few solid hours at the sewing machine, sewing masks for my neighbor’s pediatric practice. You know we are in dire straits when doctors and medical staff are asking the people to sew medical masks. It feels like old-fashioned wartime (not so much modern wartime). Anyway, my masks are cool and I’m helping, so that feels great.

I had seen several posts on YouTube and Instagram with patterns. “Make medical masks!” the titles shouted from my screen. I texted my pediatrician neighbor and asked her if this was a thing. She indicated probably not.

I ordered some elastic anyway. Joann Fabrics and Amazon were sold out (this was an indication that I was late to the mask-making party), so I had to turn to Etsy. I pulled out some fabric squares and thought, if nothing else, I’d make some masks for my family just in case someone got sick. Or something.

“Hey — so my practice would now love some colorful masks!”

This morning, a happy little ding on my phone from my pediatrician neighbor: “Hey — so my practice would now love some colorful masks!” the message began. Fast-forward to me sewing at my machine. And with the most perfect timing, the elastic arrived at my doorstep just as I was reaching for it from my sewing machine. So this is where we are.


What else are we doing? We are eating so many meals at home, which means we are defrosting some of those frozen foods that have been languishing in our freezer. My husband is working hard, mostly from home. My daughter just got the video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons yesterday, so she has had her face in her Nintendo Switch. But on the helpful side, she created a video for my husband’s real estate listing. My son has been playing video games connected to his friends. We can hear him hollering from the basement. But on the helpful side, he cleaned out our storage room today. And my parents returned to their home this evening after a long twelve-hour drive, cutting short a month-long Georgia vacation after only a week.

The storm clouds are gathering. What preparation, if any, is going on with you?

This is the other style of mask I made today 😷

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  1. Yes, I am super-jealous. I have never in my life wanted a sewing machine, sharp scissors, stitch ripper, silky thread, spool of elastic and bolt of unicorn fabric so badly. Luv, Pars

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