What Are You Up To? COVID-19: Early Stages

The above message brought to you by Panic! at the Disco

Hola darlings! It has been a minute. I live on the East Coast, near Washington DC, where we are in the throes of COVID-19. My family is all well and we are staying home, practicing social distancing. All of this since Friday and today is Thursday. I have two teenagers who are dealing with this in different ways. My son (aged 16, who recently got his driver’s license) is feeling like he is living under a cruel and terrifying regime. To be clear, he means his loving parents, not the government. My daughter doesn’t mind as much.

Yesterday we held a FaceTime video chat with my sister and her kids, my parents, and my family. We wanted to hear what everyone was up to and see everyone’s faces. The goal was for my parents (who can’t visit during these diseased times) to SEE us. It worked perfectly and it was so fun with one exception: my dad’s iPhone is too old and he couldn’t see anyone in the FaceTime! He could only hear us. Sigh.

Speaking of my parents, I had to mail them toilet paper, because they ran out. Thanks to the USPS for keeping the country running. #winning

I’d love to hear what you’re up to. How are you coping? What are you doing? Please share ideas of how we can help each other during this time of six feet apart (or worse, but hopefully not).

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