Embrace the Sparkle

Sparkle POP, baby!

Where is the sparkle in being a grown-up? Is it among the daily grind? The commute in the car or the train? Is it found in diaper changes, middle of the night soothing, all the no’s and the you’ll-understand-someday’s? The walking the dog in the driving rain?

No. None of these. The sparkle is in making eye contact with your work friend and meeting up at the coffee machine or water cooler, in the hallway, or at lunch.

With kids, the sparkle is the moment when a child states something unexpectedly profound or poetic, gives you the squeeziest of hugs, thanks you sincerely, or says they love you more than anything.

With friends and family, it’s not the stressful act of cooking the meal and timing it just right (at least not for me), but the sparkle is in the laughter and stories around the table.

And when it comes to writing things down–like a “To Do” or shopping list or notes from a meeting–the literal sparkle isn’t in using some boring old pen, but one that contains glitter in its ink.

That’s one sexy To Do list

Why should kids (or girls for that matter) get all the sparkly, rainbow, glittery fun? It’s time for grown-ups to let our childlike wonder show sometimes.

I absolutely love these sparkle pens. These are replacement pens, because my previous ones ran dry. That’s right. I wrote glitter pens dry. They spark joy in my heart just sitting tucked in my purse, ready and waiting for me to pull them out and write a sparkly thought.

Don’t worry, I still love fountain pens. But when you can’t use one of those, you might as well sparkle the hell out of it.

Raise your sparkle, your glitter, your laughing hearts. May your day be as joyful as you make it!

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