Hi Reader, Bye Reader

Hello, reader. Yes, you. Thanks for tuning in to my blog. Here’s the big news: this is my last weekly blog. The amount of time I spend writing in a day is limited, so I’ve decided to remove the blog from my weekly to-do list so I can give that writing time to the book instead.

Time to get that fountain pen refilled with ink on a fresh page

A few posts ago I wrote about turning my work, originally created as a kind-of memoir/reflection, into fiction. It took me a while to get started on writing in this new genre, but now that I’m started I’m ready to keep writing. I’m essentially starting again from page one with some structure from my original manuscript but going off the storyline from before.

What have I changed?

  • The point of view from first person to third person
  • Even more names to protect the innocent
  • Exaggerated characters
  • Oh, just the plot

You know, the kind of stuff you do when you write fiction!

I plan to spend time focusing on this new writing phase. I’ll continue reblogging other posts here from time to time or writing my own, but nothing regular on a schedule. If you’re dying to catch up with me, you can still find me on social media if you click my links above (near the fountain pen picture at the top of the webpage).

Goodbye, weekly blog. Hello, writing more book!

Thanks for tuning in over the past two years of my blog writing and I hope you will continue to read my past musings on writing, my own memories, and my own travel experiences with my family.

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