Holiday Emotions

What strikes a chord with you during the holiday season? Is there one song or movie that brings you to tears? (Whether they be happy or sad tears, or any other kind of emotion that might cause tears.) Is there a song that brings up strong childhood memories, tugs at your heartstrings, or reminds you of something? The holidays are an emotional time for lots of people for lots of reasons.

My mom has been watching movies almost every evening on the Hallmark channel and crying her eyes out every time. My dad texts me photos of her nightly. We are an emotional family!

For me (this year) it’s the song “My Grown Up Christmas List.” This song does some different things–one is it makes me feel like an actual grown up–and the line, “Everyone should have a friend” strikes me. It’s about kindness. People need friends. We all need to be kind and be a friend to each other when the world is trying to tell us we are enemies. It’s not true. We have more in common than in opposition. I love this song and Kelly Clarkson sings an incredible rendition. She also sings a (newer?) version with Pentatonix.

Anyway, maybe for you it’s a classic movie like “It’s A Wonderful Life” instead of a song. Maybe it’s something else, something more personal. What is the message that touches you?

Whatever it is, I wish everyone a wonderful season.

Catch up with me in February 2019 as I take a break from my blog for a few weeks. Wishing everyone a safe holiday and happy new year celebration into 2019! Cheers!

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