Fact or Fiction?

My book, that is. It looks like my travel/memoir/humor book—originally penned with details from my journals—will transform into a fictional story. Well, it won’t transform itself. (I wish.) I’ll actually be doing the transforming.

A couple of literary agents have suggested that “memoirs are tricky” and this story might find more success as fiction.

The idea of turning my story into one of fiction has been swirling in my head over the past few months. No, years. But lately, it has come right to the surface. This means some fresh experience of turning it into fiction awaits.

Memoirs are tricky.

In related good news, I love reading Young Adult (YA) fiction! So all the Becky Albertalli, Adam Silvera, and Rainbow Rowell (among many other) YA novels I’ve been devouring have been preparing me for the moment when I would change my book to fiction.

Plus, turning this story into fiction unshackles me from my concerns about uneven storylines, hurting people’s feelings, and adhering doggedly to quotes, actual events, and timelines. My real experience simply serves as a jumping off point.

Since it’s fiction, I can make it all up if I want. Nothing tethers this story now.

Several people can merge into one person. Personality quirks can become exaggerated in fun and creative ways.

And as for the question of “Did that really happen?” that’s for me to know and the reader to never find out believe.

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