A Not-So-Little-Mountain-Village in France

I try to prepare my kids for the town of Tarbes. I had been to this town twenty-five years ago, but like many memories that have blurred over the years, I can’t remember how big the town actually is. Having just come north into France from big cities in Spain—Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona—I know that... Continue Reading →

Secret Handshakes in Medieval France

We leave Spain on a high-speed train to cross the border into Perpignan, France. We have a rental car reserved at a nearby airport. During the solid twenty-minute cab ride to the “nearby” airport, when I explain (in French, as our driver only speaks French) that we are headed to Toulouse, he strongly suggests we... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Spain: Barcelona Part 3

The sights are memorable, but the magic of visiting with friends and loved ones made the biggest impression. #Travel #Family #Spain #Barcelona #Friends #España

Sickness, Cathedrals, #Travelfail: Barcelona Part 2

My latest adventure, touring #LaSagradaFamilia in #Barcelona with my son, while sick people stay home. #travel #travelfail #Spain #Gaudí #cathedral

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