Active Bystander Uses Voice

I lifted the folded beach chair and gently balanced it on my head. A few grains of sand knocked loose from the motion sprinkled onto my face. I sputtered and blinked, steadying myself and the chair by gripping its arms. Done with the beach for the day, I turned my back on the ocean and... Continue Reading →

Making Friends by Going in For the Kill 

A rainy night in the woods. Four ladies. A deck of cards. Two hundred Girl Scouts nearby. Who will survive?

Flashlights, Storm Prep, Slumber

BEEP. BEEEEEEP. BEEP. BEEP. Everyone's phones buzzed as the weather alert interrupted our dinner on the screened porch. "'Alert, Derecho threat increasing rapidly,'" my husband read on his phone screen after silencing the sound. He looked up. "Derecho? That is not good." This was more serious than I thought. I had heard we'd be getting... Continue Reading →

Way Back in 1999

Since when did 1999 become "way back when?" #WayBackWhen #1999 #GettingOld #StillFeelYoung

Naked on May Day

May Day at my college wasn’t a regular day. It was a special celebration. #MayDay #WelcomeSpring #Tradition

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