Girl Power in Black Panther

Greetings to you, readers! I give to you what I loved about the four women in Black Panther, the recently released Marvel movie that hit the silver screen in February 2018 (if you haven't heard of it, come out from under that rock). First I will concede that Black Panther carried the day, and ultimately,... Continue Reading →

My Happy Place: Ask Me Another

Last week I attended the live recording of one of my favorite NPR quiz shows: Ask Me Another. When I heard the show was coming to Washington DC, I squealed with delight and added tickets to my cart as Christmas gifts. This show is a quiz/puzzler/trivia show, so it's not political game show (like my... Continue Reading →


Ding! My phone alerted me of a text from Elizabeth: Jan 24, 2018, 6:12 pm Monday Feb 5 is the lobbying day 9:30-1:00. Lets do it! I read and reread this text message and I squinted my eyes, trying to remember what I had agreed to, and when had I agreed to do it. Had... Continue Reading →

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