Blog–Online Diary or Something Else?

What is the point of a blog anyway? (A contraction, by the way, of Web+Log=Blog. Not sure who came up with that and why everyone was on board like, “Yes! This is a great word!”) Is it an online diary, with musings about everyday life? Is it a way to express yourself? Is it a forum for education? Is it an end in itself, resulting in naming yourself a “blogger?” Is it a stepping stone for writers or artists, a place to put your words or pictures until you crawl out of total obscurity with your art/writing and you can point to your blog and say, “See what I’ve already created?” Is it a place to sell something? Report on travels? Is it a way to get your name at the top of a search result? Keep yourself relevant?

A blog can be some, none, or any of those things, in combination. What it sure as hell does if you write one: offers you constant work. Or, an opportunity to weigh in on current topics. A blog provides a deadline that you set yourself, every day, every few days, weekly, monthly, or whatever schedule you’ve created (or agreed to). A blog definitely dovetails with a plan for success, providing a look back on what you’ve created and maybe as inspiration to go forward, creating more.

What is your blog for? What blogs do you read? And why?

So bloggers, writers, creators, and blog readers, cheers! Raise your mugs of tea and coffee (clink) and keep those ideas flowing. Thanks for reading my blog musings!

4 thoughts on “Blog–Online Diary or Something Else?

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  1. It’s a little bit of a community too. I view mine more as a public version of a letter I might write a pen pal, though I am trying to add a little more structure as people seem to prefer when my ramblings have a point.

    1. Two great ways to think of it—a community and a letter to a pen pal. (I’ve had a few pen pals in my life.) Point or no, I think your writing is compelling and enjoyable.

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