Finally 2018

Image from ABC, when I was watching the ball drop at midnight.

The reason behind it lurks mysteriously; I have caught myself writing “2018” for at least a year on various letters, checks, deposit slips and other documents where one writes a date. (You may already know that sometimes I have to–and like to–employ old-timey paper and pen.) Maybe I’m planning really far ahead. Looking to the next year, ready to turn the calendar page with zeal. My pen reveals my brains’s eagerness. I’ve been ready for a while, apparently.

See what I mean? (I love making lists, no matter what year it is!)

Goodbye, 2017. I wrote a book! Witnessed the total eclipse! So many good things. But now in 2018, I am looking forward to editing said book, finding an agent, starting another book, and doing some traveling with my family that I have anticipated for years.

A new year, just like every day, is a chance to turn over a new leaf. I hope I will feel as optimistic every day as I am about the year right now. I’m thankful for the amazing support of my family and friends and the online writing community. Let us continue to write all the words!

Wishing you a productive year, many books on your TBR (To Be Read) pile, health and wealth, laughter and joy, and lastly, more in the year that makes you feel good than makes you feel sad.

Cheers everyone and happy 2018!

What goals have you set, large or small, for 2018?

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