‘Tis the Season for Cards

I’m a writer. I have always loved writing and sending letters. And receiving one? Receiving a letter in the mail was one of the most thrilling possibilities of my daily life. When else could something come for you–just you–with news of a story or event? Who knew what untold treasures opening the mailbox door might reveal? Growing up I often sat at my desk, leaning over loose-leaf papers, composing missives to cousins, grandparents, far-flung friends and pen pals. And once I discovered fountain pens, well. They elevated writing to the next level. (I even wrote a blog about it.) I love all things related to writing.

Cards, ready to get into envelopesThat’s why Christmas Card Season is one of my favorite seasons. December! Our mailbox overflows with photos and family newsletters (love the newsletters!). I love everything about the mailed item. I review the stamps people have chosen. Christmas-themed or non-religious? Is a stamp upside-down? Did they order a custom postage stamp with a photo? What kind of return address label? Is it a custom rubber stamp? Free stickers from charities? Hand-written? And the card itself. Is it photo paper or an ornate heavy-stock paper? Multiple photos or just one? And finally, the photos. What moments do people share? A new dog? Baby? Kids? Beach photo? Professional or snaps from the year? Color, black and white, glossy, matte? I love all the parts.

Cards received so farWhen I open them, I use a letter opener. People who live in my house are not permitted to tear Christmas cards open willy-nilly. I mean, we are not animals. Usually I prefer to be the one who opens them but sometimes other people get to it first. When I get the day’s cards, I review each one and read their letters and stories. Then I hang the cards on our pantry doors and they stay there for months. Some might say too long–maybe even people who live in my house–but not I!

Our Christmas tree rubber stamp return address

It’s ok if cards are too much for you! It can be overwhelming. One year I screamed into the Post Office’s parking lot on Christmas Eve to post 225 Christmas cards complete with holiday letter. (That was a hard time for my husband.) So I recognize the ridiculousness of it.

But thanks if you sent us your card. I am enjoying it. Or I will. Your holiday cards and letters are appreciated at my house. Wishing everyone a wonderful season of joy and sharing news of friends and family! Cheers!

2 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season for Cards

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  1. I just started sending Christmas cards or any cards really since I moved out of state. I gotta tell you, it really is fun to open them and see the design or how much glitter one has more than the other (the more glitter, to me, the more they like you). Great post, Happy Holidays!

  2. Yes, glitter is its own category in cards. We received one with gold glitter-embossed greetings and I was very impressed! I think there’s enjoyment on both sides–sending as well as receiving! Happy holidays to you too and thanks for your kind words!

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