How a Year of Blogging Has Made Me a Better Person and Novelist

Happy end of 2017 everyone! Wishing you a safe and happy end of year and ushering in the new year. Here is a thoughtful blog from my friend and author KL Kranes, with reflections on her year of blogging.

K.L. Kranes

When my husband finished reading the first draft of my debut novel (The Travelers), he dropped the hefty, 3-ring binder of single-spaced pages on the table and said something encouraging like, “It was good.”

It was easy to read the truth between the tonal lines in his voice. He really meant, “It was a giant, slog-fest and half of it should go in the shredder. But I can’t tell you that because you have never shown anyone else this book or any of your work and you have a fragile artist’s ego.”

“It was easy to read the truth between the tonal lines in his voice. He really meant, “It was a giant, slog-fest.”

the-travelersI’m pretty sure I cried for days. It’s not his fault. It was the truth and it hurt. And I’m better for it now. After much work and years of revisions, I finally got

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