It’s a Small Animal! It’s a Writing Contest! It’s Nanowrimo?

This year I’m participating in a writing contest called NaNoWriMo. Here is an excellent blog about this writing event by K.L. Kranes, author of YA fantasy novel The Travelers.

K.L. Kranes

The first time someone said the word “Nanowrimo” to me was in a Starbucks. An established author, who kindly met me for a jolt of caffeine and advice, wiggled in her seat and with a huge smile said, “I won Nanowrimo this year.” I was glad she gave me some context in her sentence, otherwise, I would have thought Nanowrimo was some sort of science experiment aimed at making a miniature rhinoceros.  (When she said it, it sounded like Nanorhino to me.)

mini rhino.jpg Nanorhino: Like this, but real

From her expression, I knew I should be impressed. And, winning any sort of writing contest always sounds impressive to a fledgling writer like me. But at the time I didn’t quite grasp what it meant. In fact, I didn’t really grasp what it meant until last Wednesday night, my first attempt at Nanowrimo.

But first, do you not know what Nanowrimo is?

If you’re not…

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