Guest Blog: Teacher Knows Best! The ABCs of Summer Reading Inspiration for Kids

How to get those summer readers reading books? Here’s a great blog by a teacher on where to start!

K.L. Kranes

It’s summertime, which for many kids means hazy, lazy days diving into pools and bike rides until sunset. It’s a time to relax and enjoy the brief respite between school years. But, you don’t want to just let those developing brains wither away in the hot sun! Get a book under those sunblock covered noses!

Now who better to give advice about summer reading than a teacher? I can’t think of anyone. That’s why on today’s blog I’m lucky to have guest blogger, Janet Rainey, an elementary school teacher and a reading specialists. She’s also a pretty great writer! She kindly agreed to write a lovely blog about reading inspiration and fun and unique ways to encourage kids to read this summer!

Guest Blog: Teacher Knows Best! The ABCs of Summer Reading for Kids by Janet Rainey

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