Friday Five: 5 Completely Unique and Perfect Books for Your Independence Day Reading Needs

For those of you looking for a patriotic read to celebrate America’s birthday, please read on in this blog by author K.L. Kranes.

K.L. Kranes

simpsons-4th-2.jpgIt’s getting close to July 4 and, in the US, that means it’s time for the yearly summer celebration of Independence.

Of course, it’s not just a day. No, no. America sort of invented over-the-top, consumer-filled celebrations that completely lose sight of the meaning of the actual holiday. (That’s right, I’m looking at you Valentine’s Day. Don’t hide behind Christmas.) So, Independence Day can’t just be one day where we all stop and consider our nation’s history. Instead, it must be an entire weekend of BBQs, running through sprinklers and ticker-tape parades filled with red, white and blue. And, most importantly, giant exploding displays of fireworks streaking through the sky that leave a tinge of strange smoke lingering until the next morning.

homerfireworksIt is also one of the few times of the year we all put aside our ever-growing polarized opinions and say – we’re going to be kind-hearted Americans and…

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Book Signings, Book Stores, Books

Yesterday I went to a book signing at a fabulous beach town bookstore. They always have great book signings, and this week was no exception. (I'm always taking notes because I worked with my friend and author K.L. Kranes to organize a book signing this past spring and I like to observe other similar events.) Elin Hilderbrand, an... Continue Reading →

Celebrating the Sun, Our Favorite Star

Today in the northern hemisphere June 21, 2017 at 12:34 am marks the summer solstice, the longest day of sunlight. (And my parents' anniversary!) It is a day that has always been recognized by humans living on this earth, who more closely observed the sun and marked its patterns than we do in our times... Continue Reading →

Guest Blog: Teacher Knows Best! The ABCs of Summer Reading Inspiration for Kids

How to get those summer readers reading books? Here’s a great blog by a teacher on where to start!

K.L. Kranes

It’s summertime, which for many kids means hazy, lazy days diving into pools and bike rides until sunset. It’s a time to relax and enjoy the brief respite between school years. But, you don’t want to just let those developing brains wither away in the hot sun! Get a book under those sunblock covered noses!

Now who better to give advice about summer reading than a teacher? I can’t think of anyone. That’s why on today’s blog I’m lucky to have guest blogger, Janet Rainey, an elementary school teacher and a reading specialists. She’s also a pretty great writer! She kindly agreed to write a lovely blog about reading inspiration and fun and unique ways to encourage kids to read this summer!

Guest Blog: Teacher Knows Best! The ABCs of Summer Reading for Kids by Janet Rainey

The Start of a Love Affair

I have vivid memories of when I…

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Dealing with Venom

This is a little story about dealing with venom...literally. Two years ago a wasp stung me as I was trimming an overgrown azalea bush in my front yard. I was trimming (really, hacking is a better word for what I was doing) so far deep into the bush that I disturbed some wasps who had been... Continue Reading →

Bad Ass Movie Recommendation

We watch a lot of Marvel at our house. We read a lot of Marvel comic books and we have several Marvel character encyclopedia books with lists and images, complete with backstories, powers, and alter egos. But we don't spend a lot of time with DC's characters. Until now. Wonder Woman. Her own whole entire... Continue Reading →

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