Friday Five: 5 Reasons to Go To an Author Event (Even If You’re Not That Into Books)

K.L. Kranes

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 6, I’m participating in a book event at one of my favorite local bookstores, Scrawl Books in Reston, Virginia. The event includes a book drive for an elementary school library and an author panel and book signing with me (The Travelers) and another local author, Angela Glascock (The Locksmith at the End of the World).Revised Book Event Poster

We want to get as many book donations as possible, so we’ve been working with the Girl Scout troop organizing the event on promotion. (Therefore, here is the first of two shameless plugs: If you live or are visiting the Northern Virginia or Washington, DC area stop by and bring or buy a book to donate! Bring a friend! There will be prizes and Girl Scout cookies! Look at this adorable poster the Girl Scouts made! So cute!)

Brainstorming and researching the various ways to try to reach people…

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