The Gift of Reading

Sometimes we read because we want to be informed. Sometimes we read because we want to journey without even putting our shoes on. Sometimes we read because we feel obligated, whether for school or for a book club or because you told someone you would read something. Some people love libraries. To me the library is... Continue Reading →

Field Trips and Death in Miserable Musicals

In high school I loved art class. The art teachers had created a student club called the Aesthetics Club, which comprised a bunch of students who joined to go on field trips to Broadway Musicals in New York City. We probably did other stuff, too. But let's face it: Broadway. When you live in a rural Pennsylvania town, the... Continue Reading →

A Cyborg Meets Storm Troopers and Nobody Dies (Phasers Were Set to Stun?)

This past weekend, my daughter and I attended our county library's first annual Library Comic Con. How was it? In a nutshell, it was AWESOME. First of all, Comic Cons have been out of our reach--it is not realistic for us to fly to San Diego (or wherever) and attend the mobbed though undoubtably memorable events. Heretofore, I... Continue Reading →

A Friend Resurrected from the Dead

I have my book (and my mad internet skillz) to thank for reconnecting with a friend this past week. But not just any friend. This is a friend like no other. My book recounts my adventures during the year that I spent living with a family as a Youth For Understanding (YFU) exchange student in... Continue Reading →

Friday Five: 5 Reasons to Go To an Author Event (Even If You’re Not That Into Books)

K.L. Kranes

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 6, I’m participating in a book event at one of my favorite local bookstores, Scrawl Books in Reston, Virginia. The event includes a book drive for an elementary school library and an author panel and book signing with me (The Travelers) and another local author, Angela Glascock (The Locksmith at the End of the World).Revised Book Event Poster

We want to get as many book donations as possible, so we’ve been working with the Girl Scout troop organizing the event on promotion. (Therefore, here is the first of two shameless plugs: If you live or are visiting the Northern Virginia or Washington, DC area stop by and bring or buy a book to donate! Bring a friend! There will be prizes and Girl Scout cookies! Look at this adorable poster the Girl Scouts made! So cute!)

Brainstorming and researching the various ways to try to reach people…

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This weekend I'll be moderating an author panel. I am very excited about it. The event is multi-faceted, as many author panel events are. Primarily, it's a book drive by my daughter's Girl Scout troop. The troop is collecting books to donate to local school libraries. My job as a sometimes librarian in the local public... Continue Reading →

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