Making America Smart Again: Science

On Earth Day, I attended the March for Science in Washington DC. It was a rainy day, and many signs parlayed the rain into witty observations rallying around science. Considering the rain, I was very impressed with the turnout. The speakers were good, Jon Batiste played, and the whole event had a very chill vibe. Also it... Continue Reading →

Human Survival, Primitive Technologies, The Great Human Race

Recently on my way to the library, I was delighted and fascinated to hear my Alma Mater Washington College mentioned during NPR's radio show Here and Now. It's a small school, so I always stop in my tracks (but not always literally) when I hear the town or the college mentioned. On this day, the radio... Continue Reading →


Where do we get our inspiration? And once inspired, how do we persist, even when faced with life's negativity that comes down, sometimes, like raindrops on our heads? When you write something, you write from your heart. (If not, why is what you've written worthwhile?) This goes for everything you write, from a letter to a poem... Continue Reading →

Headed to Philly for Writing Workshop

This weekend I'm attending my second writer's workshop. I attended the first workshop in December of 2016 with my sister Jennifer Zajac, just to accompany and support her. The workshop was run by Andrew Jobling, a motivational speaker, author, her writing coach, and fascinating all-around person. While there "supporting her," I decided to write my own book. And now here I... Continue Reading →

Destroying Books to Learn about Them

I love to read and I love books. I treat them with care, store them safely on shelves or carry them carefully in my bags. I shield them from rain with my body. I remind many little hands in elementary schools when I'm filling in for librarians that they are to care for the books... Continue Reading →

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