Super Bowl Day: Chocolate Bomb

Today is the Super Bowl, and my husband’s team (well, he is a fan of two teams and one of them is the Patriots) is playing. He looks at this day like a “free for all” food-wise and buys special snacks that we normally do not have in the house. I think much of it is the anticipation of the game and the excitement of shopping for cookies and things that we normally avoid leading up to the game. We eat them but I make sure that the extras go away afterwards, and we do not continue eating such large quantities of junk food for weeks afterwards. (Side note: there are never leftover Double Stuf Oreos.)

Today my daughter and I will be making a chocolate bomb dessert, which is something my sister-in-law makes but I’ve never made before. It should be fun to make, as well as pretty easy.

Wish the teams luck today and if you have time to shop and a few minutes before the game, you too can make this recipe, the author of which assures me that it can be made by even the most unskilled person who wanders mistakenly into the kitchen.

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