What is Your Emergency? A Night at the Theatre

"Hi! This is Dorothy! We are happy you've joined us for this performance of The Wiz here at the historic Ford Theatre. We are about to begin our performance. Please silence your cell phones." The yellow brick road wanderer's voice blows through the intimate theatre's audience. Shuffle, shuffle, zip, whisper, mutter, squeak. The hushed sounds... Continue Reading →

Writing Ruining Reading?

Nowadays I'm reading seemingly more than ever. Not just for my book club. For fun. But I'm also writing my own book.

Book Review: History Is All You Left Me

Review in a nutshell for Adam Silvera's History Is All You Left Me. #BookReview #AmReading #Books #Tissues

Book Review: Girlish

Happy book-launch week to Girlish by Lara Lillibridge. It’s an unforgettable memoir. Read on for my review and (spoiler) encouragement to buy and read!


“The tickets are booked!” My hubs shouted. We high-fived over the laptop. We had finally booked our airline tickets to France and Spain for this summer’s big family trip. We had been poring over travel dates, video chatting, WhatsApp-ing, and emailing with friends in Spain and France, double-checking dates, and verifying airplane fares. A large... Continue Reading →

More than Mimosas: Brunch Book Recommendations for Stimulating Conversation

Looking for a list of totally random books that might be fabulous and interesting to read? Blogger K.L. Kranes has written a great blog with recommendations. Read on!

K.L. Kranes, Author

I’m lucky. My gal-friends are intelligent, thoughtful women. When we get together, we don’t talk about the latest Kardashian mess or other celebrity scandals. (Side note: I am mildly horrified that I spelled Kardashian wrong while writing this post and my spell check picked it up and corrected it. OK, I’m not even mildly horrified. I’m just downright horrified. When did Kardashian get added to the dictionary? Alas, this is a topic of exploration for another day.)

My friends, like me, probably can’t spell Kardashian on the first try either. When we get together, we talk about politics and movies and the ups and downs of raising children. And we talk about books.

brunch bunch.jpg

During a recent Galentine’s Day (the day before Valentine’s day touted as ladies celebrating ladies) brunch, I was struck by how much books dominated our conversation. We were five ladies huddled around a table sipping mimosas and…

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