Fun: It’s Not Just for Little Kids

My latest #blog, in which I encourage my kids to #play. #amwriting #jumpforjoy #letkidsbekids

Feeling French: 6 Differences in Everyday Etiquette

Thinking about the trip I'm planning to two different countries reminds me of the small differences between cultures, with room for big mistakes and misunderstandings. This week I'm sharing a student blog with some differences noticed while studying in France. Feeling French: 6 Differences in Everyday Etiquette — Read on

Where Has All the Recycling Gone?

What are we to do about our recycling? China won’t accept it anymore, and now It’s a crisis.

Inviting Authors to Book Club: Great Idea or Terrible Idea?

Today I’d like to share a thoughtful blog written by K.L. Kranes about inviting an author to book club. Enjoy!

K.L. Kranes, Writing Reading Life

An official definition of book clubs: a reading group, usually consisting of a number of people who read and talk about books based on a topic or an agreed-upon reading list.

What most people think of book clubs: a group of women who get together and drink wine under the guise of talking about a book they’ve agreed to read but most didn’t even buy.

Nightlighter bookmark.jpgMy book club: A collection of intelligent women who actually read and talk about books (we do also have wine and snacks, we’re not animals). We even have an official name, the Nightlighters, and a bookmark. (Check it out here. It rocks!)

Although I think my book club is special, I don’t think it’s unique. I believe there are plenty of book clubs out there bucking the stereotype of suburban dens where disgruntled housewives complain out their husbands while draining several magnums of wine.


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Active Bystander Uses Voice

I lifted the folded beach chair and gently balanced it on my head. A few grains of sand knocked loose from the motion sprinkled onto my face. I sputtered and blinked, steadying myself and the chair by gripping its arms. Done with the beach for the day, I turned my back on the ocean and... Continue Reading →

Making Friends by Going in For the Kill 

A rainy night in the woods. Four ladies. A deck of cards. Two hundred Girl Scouts nearby. Who will survive?

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